Financial Reporting

Announcement as of March 29, 2020: The Annual General Meeting (AGM) reports, motions and financials will be emailed to members for online voting. If you attended last year’s AGM, you will automatically receive the email and information. Thank you for your participation and understanding during this unusual situation: public health guides everyone to avoid face-to-face meetings, due to Covid-19.

Attached, for the 2020 AGM, are the 2019 Financial Statements and Annual General Meeting materials. AGM Dec 31 2019 Financial Package, and the 2019 vendor profitability report.

Last Year’s AGM Announcement

Announcement: The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held Saturday April 6, 2019, at 6:00 pm at the Parkview auditorium (12184 Ninth Line, Stouffville). All TMF members are welcome to attend.

Attached, for the 2019 AGM, are the 2018 Financial Statements and Annual General Meeting materials. AGM Dec 31 2018 Package.

Attached, for the 2019 AGM, is the agenda.

Attached, after the 2019 AGM, is the 2018 vendor profitability report.

Members? Board members, past Board members, current and past “department heads” who organized the booths, and “such other individuals… as are admitted as members by the board of directors”.


Our bylaws: Please see the by-laws (PDF) as approved in 2018.